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Specialized in the production and sales of wire and cable accessories and electronic product die-cutting adhesive materials
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    With superb technology, excellent quality and perfect service
    Guangdong Cable Enterprise Group Corporation was founded in 1968. It specializes in the production of large-scale wire and cable enterprises. It has cooperated with Dilo for many years. Dilo has won...
    Seventeen years of innovation and development, seventeen years of excellence, and common development and mutual cooperation with Dilo for many years are the benefits of a win-win...
    Qidong Founded in 1969, the products are medium and low voltage cable, control cable and communication cable. The products of Qidong are mainly exported to foreign countries. The quality...

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    is a professional manufacturer of conductive shield insulation materials. Mainly wire and cable accessories and electronic products die-cutting adhesive materials, was established in early 2011, the plant area of 8,000 square meters, the company employees have rich production experience and management experience. Our company has strong technical force, advanced manufacturing technology, and excellent product quality.Our company has a good sales team, Perfect after-sales service, since the factory opened, the products...【see more】

    Company front desk
    Self-adhesive copper foil tape is coated with heat-sensitive acrylic adhesive or conductive adhesive on the surface (on one or both sides) of the copper foil....
    Aluminium foil Mylar is made of metal aluminum foil as a base material, backed with a polyester tape (usually PET PP, etc.) and is made of thinner...
    Currently, there are 1 billion supermarket shopping bags used every day in the country, and more than 2 billion are used in other kinds of plastic bags. Reusable shopping bags made...
    Pp foam belt is an ideal food packaging material. Pp foam belt material has become a substitute for foamed PS in advanced food packaging...
    In order to allow the majority of users to have a deeper understanding of cable wrapping, the following points are explained for the common...
    In order to facilitate everyone with a deeper understanding and deep understanding of the polyester, the following overview of the polyester...
    With regard to the introduction of single and double conductor copper foils, copper foil tape is a kind of metal tape, which is mainly...
    The conductive cloth is made of a fiber cloth (generally a polyester fiber cloth) subjected to a pretreatment and then electroplated with a...
    The prepared acrylic acid is evenly coated on the surface of the treated cellulose acetate cloth, and then it enters the drying room to remove the volatile...
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